Chocolate and Vanilla Marbled Cupcakes

As the daughter of a baker by trade, I guess baking should  come naturally to me.

My Dad worked as a baker all his life until recently, and my Mum has baked cakes for as long as I remember. The nicest memories are licking the spoon with cake mixture on (to which my Mum would always say ‘You’ll get worms!’- her go-to phrase if she didn’t want me to eat sugar) and taking my Mum’s cakes to school for fairs, and seeing everyone getting excited, because everyone seemed to love them.

I was lucky to have a Mum who could bake, so I want to be that kind of Mummy too one day.

So I decided to give it all a go, and after a (good) few failed attempts, I managed to get the knack of it, and bake some pretty nice cakes.

The only books I ever use when baking are the Hummingbird Bakery cookbooks, which have oodles of gorgeous and delicious cakes, whoopie pies, cheesecakes and muffins in. I have been to the Bakery myself in Notting Hill Gate, and it was bloody marvellous.

Today, Marble Cupcakes were on the menu. A swirl of vanilla and chocolate cake topped with vanilla and chocolate frosting marbled together.

I taste tested the batter and the frosting so much I couldn’t even try the cakes!

A Few Different Ways to Frost.

I have a palatte knife kit which I have only recently started using; this gives the cupcakes a more individual look, whereas my trusty old piping bag make them all look neat, tidy and uniform. I used both this time.

I made some larger ones, which fit into muffin cases and a bigger cake tin, and some little fairy cake sized ones, which I piped into the middle of, for those not wanting so much of the super sweet frosting! So much icing sugar goes into the frosting that it makes my teeth hurt just looking at it!

I would also recommend using a more expensive vanilla essence in the frosting, you can totally taste the difference! I used to use Asda’s own, but I used Neilsen-Massey vanilla extract this time, which you can also get from Asda. It’s quite a big bottle, and much more expensive at £3.47, but a billion times better.

Baking is such a joy for me, a total release, I love weighing out and measuring and mixing, I just love it all! I’ll report back as to how they went down in the Telfer household!

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