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Bellissimo! (Can You Tell Where I Went Yet?)

It’s been a while since I’ve visited this here blog, but recently I have been on a rather fabulous trip and I think it’s my duty to tell you all every single little detail about it, whether you care much for it or not.

I love a holiday, and these usually involve sunshine, beaches, cocktails, local vodka burning the lining of my throat and late night dancing. This holiday, however, was a little different. Visiting a city is a totally unique holiday experience, and the emphasis is all on the sights, history, local traditions and, for me anyway, food!

It was a totally new holiday experience for me, and one which I would love to repeat soon. I have a list compiled in my head about which Cities I’d like to invade next.

So sit back and relax, as a girl from Lanarkshire flies Ryanair to lovely Milano, Italy!

Duomo Cathedral, Milano.

Better Than Your Local Church of Scotland.

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